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  1. Thank you :) Uninstalled and reinstalled and it showed.
  2. I need some help please. Installed the hook, but the settings do not come up with permissions and the tab is not added to any user. Am I doing something wrong? FYI: There is only one setting for the hook under the hooks tab.
  3. Thank you Michael. I did a "Reimport of All Application Hooks" and it all showed up. Thanks Again!
  4. Downloaded and installed version 1.2.0 Board Version is 3.3.4 PHP 5.2.17 Installed correctly. Admin App working. Hooks show. Application and hooks all state v.1.2.0. However, subscriptions do not show on Registration. They also do not show on Member drop down menu or profile. Did I do something wrong? How can I correct? Any help greatly appreciated!
  5. I hope you do add, I have many users complaining and asking for it. There is one skin that supports it, but only for 3.1.x, though they say they are working on 3.2.x. Also, the ability to edit ones own profile would be a nice addition.
  6. I followed instructions for the 3.2.2 update. I have "ip.links" in the Applications and Modules, but no upgrade available. Clicking "Links" from the site gives a Database error. Can someone guide me on how to fix?? Thank you!!
  7. Funny how people skew things to the negative side of the tracks... This was a request, no majority rule, no comedy, no resume included.
  8. The fact that Birthdate is not a REQUIRED field and has no method of being included on the registration form is preventing me from migrating from 2.3.6 to 3.1.4. I have both running, but disallow access to the 3.1.4 installation. My site is strictly an 18+ site. Yes, coppa can be altered to 18 instead of 13... yet why can't the birthdate in coppa be entered into the member profile? (OV22) Enhanced Registration v1.0 by Chelsove took care of this in 2.2.x. I'm guessing that this author has no intention of updating the mod for 3.x.x as the author no longer appears to be an IPB member anymore. Rikki Says: but I see many, many, many members requesting this over many YEARS and IPB has been mostly unresponsive. The registration options should be completely up to the customer and their sites needs and the software should be flexible enough to choose what to include and what not to include. Gender and Location are included... why NOT birthdate? (DP30) Birthday in Register Form is not functioning properly in 3.1.4. Certainly one of you amazing coders is up for this challenge? But having Invision add birthdate to the ranks of Gender and Location is much more feasible. I really want to move on with 3.1.4....
  9. I have tried to use this in Version 3.1.4. It shows on the registration form, but does not enter the date into the user profile. Questions/Suggestions: 1. Is it not compatible with 3.1.x? 2. Will there be an update? 3. In admin control, would be better to enter a minimum Age (ie... 18) rather than a date. Requiring a date would require a daily update by the Admin if the board is an 18+ only board. Thanks and I very much look forward to your response.
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