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Everything posted by Rikki

  1. Regarding skins, there is simply no way we can do a major version upgrade and make skins compatible. I understand that's a reason to keep on 2.3.6 right now, but we hope you also understand that to move things forward, we had to redo things.
  2. It's hardly fair to say they're copying in all honesty. A forum looks like a forum, there's only so much you can do to change it without alienating users. Plus, when you go fully tableless & semantic, you're kind of guided into a particular structure by the tags you choose to mark up the data.
  3. We're all getting ready to go on vacation :P
  4. They're tab-indented, although it's difficult to make out since everything is wrapping.
  5. Line numbers are very difficult to implement unfortunately. Tabbing is acknowledged, and searching is unnecessary, all browsers have a built in ability to do it :)
  6. You'll be pleased to know there is now a big improvement in rendering on IE6. It is not perfect and we still don't officially support it (and the experience will not match that of other browsers), but it is a little more presentable for those users still stuck on it.
  7. That said, for a later version we're going to see about writing something a little better to use. At the very least I would like to get the ability to press Tab in place. The full syntax highlighter simply wasn't working out though.
  8. If you click the little green arrow next to a user name anywhere on the board, it will show a handy little popup overview, and from there you can find all their posts/topics :)
  9. That's a fieldset - different browsers render them differently. It's perfectly normal :)
  10. It's not a perfect solution, but another option is hook into the includecss hook in globalTemplate->includeCSS, and manually insert a style tag with your css.
  11. Makes sense, added :)
  12. If your phone supports that, then using the full skin shouldn't be an issue :) And we're not 'cutting stuff out' - it has more than the LoFi on IPB2 does. At the time, people said they liked the LoFi but wanted to be able to post, so that's what we did. Naturally you can't please everybody though :)
  13. The whole point of the lofi skin is to show the absolute basics. That means: no PM system, no search, no friends, no topic markers, no rating, no moderation. Topics, posts and profiles, that's it :) And yes, the CSS here hasn't been updated for some reason, so everything is ending up as a massive list.
  14. Are you sure you have a gallery here? It doesn't show up beside your posts either. You need to create an album first :)
  15. IE (any version) doesn't support rounded corners I'm afraid.
  16. Rikki

    IPB3 Beta 4

    The blue bar is staying by the way - I agree it ties things together nicely. Over the next week or so I'm also hoping to tweak various other parts of the skin to make them tidier, so if you have any suggestions in that vein, feel free to let me know.
  17. Rikki

    IPB3 Beta 4

    We have an issue right now on these forums where JS debugging is being turned on - if you don't have Firebug installed (which would apply to IE8, and possibly FF3.1), then you might experience some javascript issues. We'll be updating these forums in the next couple of days to rectify that.
  18. Rikki

    IPB3 Beta 4

    We strongly advise you do not use any Beta release as a production board.
  19. You wouldn't need a hook for IE6 detection, you could do it using the expression parse tag right in the templates :)
  20. Sorry I haven't replied yet, I've been away this week.I'm happy to add an IE6-only stylesheet to make the skin a bit prettier in that browser, however, this adds an additional burden to people wanting to customize their skin. I just want to make it known that there are also cons to supporting IE6, we aren't just stubbornly saying no. To be clear, our aim is to make sure people using IE6 can use IPB - but they won't get an identical experience to people with modern browsers.
  21. Although the terms have changed, you can still do the same thing, just in case there was confusion.
  22. The suspend feature was always essentially 'banning' in 2.x, but there was confusion about what it was, so we've just changed the terms we use. The features themselves work the same, but in the warning panel suspend is now called ban.
  23. Ban and suspend are the same thing in IPB3 - you can ban a member right from the warn panel, with a reason. To use the other ban controls, though, like changing their group, banning their email address and/or IP, you still have to go via the ACP as before, to maintain security.
  24. The options you would like to see won't make it in, but I'm happy to change the info on that page to be member title instead, and add the online indicator :)
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