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  1. You may do that in one simple sql query.
  2. Send me your offer to make it, and then releases with support with an initial development build.
  3. Something SIMILAR: I may change it to manually change it (enable/disable) per topic if needed. PM me then.
  4. DawPi

    (DP45) PM Viewer

    Yes, see last option - to be able to delete you must check it.
  5. DawPi

    (DP45) PM Viewer

    Show me your group settings for this app.
  6. That's why I wrote it that you don't allow for that (because it's wrong). What with contextual sidebar?
  7. Unfortunatelly IPS won't allow me to add it as a widget (due to cache issues etc.) so I'm thinking about other way how to display it properly.
  8. Check the templates group which you are using, then open cms templates and look for "podcasts" group or something. Then Display and record bit at the end.
  9. Download them too. It will keep old phpBB urls working.
  10. @GiulioPua, waiting on approval: Done as widget:
  11. Nice one! Will concider it but I think it might be done and... will be. 😉
  12. Any new function request/idea? 🙂
  13. Enable version updates notifications. 🙂
  14. What's New in Version 1.0.3 Waiting for approval 4.5.x checks, fixed some visual bugs in settings, disabled watermark for profile (and clubs) avatars, cover photos by default (no option to enable it though).
  15. Hello, checking it now. I'll let you know.
  16. You can't disable default skin. Mark other skin as default and delete it.
  17. If you moved to another host you probably changed your sql database details. So, look: /** * Get Key * * @return void */ public static function key() { return \IPS\TEXT_ENCRYPTION_KEY ?: md5( \IPS\Settings::i()->sql_pass . \IPS\Settings::i()->sql_database ); } It won't work due to this.
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