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Redirect in this URL ?usingEditor=1&csrfKey=01c9e6d56e554d83713fa4f4bd1d3f38

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Hi, we just had a user reported that this user experienced four times redirect or self redirect on the same URL, however there is a query string of "?usingEditor=1&csrfKey=01c9e6d56e554d83713fa4f4bd1d3f38"

And the editor would not or could not send or submit a reply, I notice this in the editor (screenshot with red box)
Could contain: Page, Text, File, Person, Face, Head

I could not reply, however when I removed that query string, the actual URL, I can submit reply.

So what makes it self redirect with that query string?


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17 minutes ago, Marc Stridgen said:

I Would advise first of all testing this on a default unaltered theme. There isnt anything that should be causing a redirect of that nature

Hi Mark, we did that, and we could not replicate it.

It seems occurred in busy traffic, actually we had similar experience like this but it redirect to the home page, since then one culprit was the wordpress sso plugin, and the author patch it, so this time, it some sort of redirecting but with that query string.

were still looking for the root cause.

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