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Gallery issue - "Save Details" button has been lost from Image Upload during upgrade [v4.7.15]

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Hello Support,

We upgraded the BNTEST site pretty much as soon as upgrades become available so it has been upgraded in stages including 4.7.12, 4.7.13, 4.7.14 an 4.7.15. We did not notice any problems because we run with IN_DEV all the time and the wrapper.phtml file (used in IN_DEV) still has the button!

We upgraded the BN site (our production site) on Sunday morning directly from 4.7.12 to 4.7.15 - being production we do not use IN_DEV and as the upgrade was performed in a single step we could not say which of versions 4.7.13, 4.7.14 or 4.7.15 introduced the bug - all that we can say with certainty is that both BN and BNTEST show the same bug (if INDEV is disabled) and that the upgrade path of BN and BNTEST was different and done at different times.

In simple terms, the standard Invision Theme gallery->front->submit->wrapper has 6 lines missing from close to the end. There are a number of <li> elements on the details form and then a {{foreach loop}} and then the button should exist on the form. Without the button it is possible to enter details for each image (including title and description) but it is not possible to save the details.

The missing lines are:

                <li class='ipsFieldRow ipsClearfix'>
                    <button type='button' class='ipsButton ipsButton_light ipsButton_fullWidth ipsButton_medium' data-role='saveDetails'>{lang="submit_go_back"}</button>
                    <p class='ipsType_light ipsType_medium ipsType_right ipsSpacer_top ipsSpacer_half ipsHide' data-role='savedMessage'>
                        <i class='fa fa-check'></i> {lang="image_info_saved"}

I'd like to have this fixed ASAP 😉 I'd be quite happy to insert the lines into the database myself but I probably ought to follow some official procedure and if you have a patch for the issue then I should use that.

Thanks very much.


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As you can see in the below Theme Difference tool, this part of the template was removed:


Items which were removed intentionally would not be added back in through a bug report. However, you're welcome to add this back in to your own theme if you so desire.

It is worth noting that the only items which were removed were the "go back" button. The submit button is still there and you can click the "X" of the popup modal to "go back" so the button was repetitive. 

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29 minutes ago, Jim M said:

Items which were removed intentionally would not be added back in through a bug report. However, you're welcome to add this back in to your own theme if you so desire.


Thanks for your quick reply.

My apologies - I thought that BNTEST was running with the 4.7.15 dev files -- I had upgraded BNTEST on 24th Jan and had downloaded the matching dev files on the same day. Evidently, I did not apply the dev files so the dev files must have been 4.7.14 which is why I did not spot the problem.

No - we'll not be adding the missing lines to our version of the theme. We have a strict policy of not changing any standard files because changed files quickly become a nightmare to maintain.

If the button is not needed in the standard software then we have no reason to add it back in. (Except we were forcing users to enter unique titles and descriptions by triggering off the 'Save Details' button so we'll have to find something else to trigger off 😉)



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