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Expand Accepted File Types In Media Uploader

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Given that FTP/SFTP access to IPS Cloud isn't allowed, it would be nice if the media uploader accepted more file types. Not all files are for playback or viewing directly inside a browser. I want to offer my readers a FLAC file to download within an article, but can't upload it via the media uploader. Because I'm still self hosted I will SFTP it to the server, but it would be nice to have this capability for when I eventually move to the cloud. 


Accepted file types js, css, txt, ico, gif, jpg, jpe, jpeg, png, mp4, 3gp, mov, ogg, ogv, mp3, mpg, mpeg, ico, flv, webm, wmv, avi, m4v, webp, m4a, wav, pdf, svg

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