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Events Bug: "Online Events" Section Always Highlights Past Events

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Liking the new Overview design of the Events app, but I have been having some issues with past events always being displayed on there and I was struggling to identify what the issue was, and I think I've figured it out.

It seems that if an event has been set as 'Featured', or set as an 'Online Event', it will always appear on the Overview page even when the date for the event has passed.

Please see an example below.

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Obviously, as this snapshot was taken this morning, the 'October 11' event should not be there (either in the top featured rotation - or, arguably, under 'Online Events') but it still clearly is. Any Events tagged as 'Featured' also appear in the top featured rotation section too, even when the event's date has passed - the only solution is to manually edit the past event and un-feature it (which is a lot of needless busywork).

It's incredibly confusing for the end user, and I can't think of a logical reason why past events would need to be stuck to the Overview page (or why the events are organised the way they are in the widgets - it looks like the October 11 event is due to take place after the Dec 10 event, which doesn't make any sense). So I am concluding that this is a bug of some sort.

(I also think the 'Online Events' widget should be changed to 'Upcoming Online Events', or ideally an option should be added in AdminCP settings to toggle this widget on/off entirely as I don't really see a need for it)

Is there a chance this can be addressed in a future update?

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