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I want to have a landing page for the website.  In a previous installation, I was able to land on a "Page" that I designated as a homepage and make Pages the default application.  That doesn't work anymore as the Articles database comes up and it shows as the Articles menu location.

So, the best solution I can come up with is to create my own homepage that introduces the website that users click on to start up the IPS instance (I will use forums as the default app).    So, I moved the installation down a directory and changed the conf file to show the base URL in the new location.  But the software failed.  I did a clean reinstall at the new directory, and it wouldn't let me install it due to a license key problem.  I was surprised that it distinguishes between directories.

 My installation domain (showing in the license key) is: https://www.scalewings.org

Moving to a new directory, I want it to be: https://www.scalewings.org/swoc/

I would appreciate it if you could fix my license key for this.  Can I use the old install (moved to new location) or should I use the fresh install?  If so, do I new to start a new database?



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Yes, I have the pages application.  I created a Home Page .... but when I set that as the default application it automatically selects that Articles menu item.  I have tried deleting the Articles menu item in the menu designer and it just comes back once you select Pages as the default application.  I don't like that menu behavior.  This seems to be new for the Classic.

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