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  1. HI Adriano: Works fine except for databases in pages for me. I have multiple databases that are the type you like (categories and articles) and it only recognizes the first one. Sure would be nice if a new tab appeared for my other 3 databases of this type. In the selection tab for databases in pages it doesn't allow me to select more than one category to follow. Otherwise it has been a big help. Thanks.
  2. I wish that that it was possible to assign multiple categories to items. This includes photos uploaded to a gallery, pages database items, and file downloads. This would be similar to the way members can be parts of separate groups. What's the benefit of allowing assignment of material to multiple categories? I will use examples from my aviation related community. Gallery - Someone uploads a picture that is a beautiful aerial shot of his Grob motorglider. He'd like to have it listed in his album, Grob gallery, and aerial photography gallery. To do that now, he'd have to upload it 3 times. Pages & Files Database -- We have articles stored in a wiki format. Someone posts an article about slow flight. He'd like to have it listed in the safety and the training category. He could upload it twice, but if someone corrects one copy or adds material to it, they diverge. I think it would make the software more flexible and powerful. Thanks for building a great tool.
  3. Did you find it? Case of empty images list? Browser debugger to see if throwing html error and/or you could try outing variables to screen.
  4. My code broke with latest upgrade. Appreciate that you linked your input here. Prefer not to hard code in '27' so that the code is reusable ... but extending your code with comments from @opentype we can simplify further, make it highly readable, and reusable. {{if !empty($formValue)}} <section data-controller='core.front.core.lightboxedImages' > <p> {{foreach $value as $pic}} <a class='ipsAttachLink ipsAttachLink_image' href='$pic' > <img src='$pic' class='ipsImage ispImage_thumbnailed' alt='$pic' style='max-height: 160px'/> </a> {{endforeach}} </p> </section> {{endif}} This works for empty uploads case. Thanks for advice.
  5. Since the Display Custom Format box executes even if there are no uploads I needed to handle the null case. Unfortunately, the current version returns a string so I wanted to find a clean way to verify that no images had been appended. I added a test for string length. To keep this snipped complete I am reposting it with the additional test for the uploads null case. {{$images = $record->customFieldDisplayByKey('photos', 'raw');}} {{$c = $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'];}} {{$images = explode( ',', $images);}} {{if strlen($images[0])>strlen('http://'.$_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'].'/uploads/')}} <section data-controller='core.front.core.lightboxedImages' > <p class='p1'>Enlargeable Images via Lightbox Slider: </p> <p> {{foreach $images as $image}} {{$url = \IPS\File::get( 'cms_Records', $image )->url;}} <a class='ipsAttachLink ipsAttachLink_image' href='$url' > <img src='$url' class='ipsImage ispImage_thumbnailed' alt='$url' style='max-height: 160px'/> </a> {{endforeach}} </p> </section> {{endif}} Note that normally exploded $images returns $images[0] = "http//www.example.com/uploads/" for the null case. I could count the number of characters for my specific case to see if a file was appended but thought comparing with the length of 'http://'.$_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'].'/uploads/' would be more reusable and readable. One still needs to replace 'photos' with the template key for this field in this snippet.
  6. For our club we just use "Payments" at the Navbar level. Seems to be working so far for memberships, donations, event tickets, and merchandise. My main landing page is first link under the Payments Navbar and I call that Store. My structure looks like this: Payments Store Donations Orders Manage Purchases My Details
  7. I had been looking in the documentation and forum for hours to find ways to use the pages/CMS database upload field for images and to display them within the record listing. Thanks to @snugRugBug with help from @eden buganim and @Marcher Technologies this now works quite easily. For those that are beginners like me, let me post my solution to display the images using the IPS Lightbox slider at the bottom or top of the post depending upon the option selected: <section data-controller='core.front.core.lightboxedImages' > <p class='p1'>Enlargeable Images via Lightbox Slider: </p> <p> {{$images = $record->customFieldDisplayByKey('photos', 'raw');}} {{$images = explode( ',', $images);}} {{foreach $images as $image}} {{$url = \IPS\File::get( 'cms_Records', $image )->url;}} <a class='ipsAttachLink ipsAttachLink_image' href='$url' > <img src='$url' class='ipsImage ispImage_thumbnailed' alt='$url' style='max-height: 160px'/> </a> {{endforeach}} </p> </section> The above code is inserted into the Display Custom Format box after selecting the Custom radio button under Editing Field > Display Options tab. My template key is 'photos' and you need replace the 'photos' in the $record line with your Template Key. Just FYI I am building a 'classifieds light' for my members using the pages/CMS capability that allows members of certain groups (paid in the future) to post their own classified ads. The advice on this thread put me over the hump and it's looking pretty good. Thanks again.
  8. This worked as expected. Thanks. For those following, I just needed to replace 'images' in the first line of his snippet just above with my Template Key shown on the Display Options tab under Editing the Field (in my case I used photos). For my project I tested this by pasting this code into the Display Custom Format box (after selecting the Custom radio button). Each of the photos displayed and it got around the problems discussed in this thread.
  9. As a newbie to IPS I am having trouble following what you finally decided for getting the images to display. Could you post the final code you used to display images from multiple uploads in a pages database? Thanks.
  10. What works for me. Move a tier 2 under a tier 1. Publish menu. Then reload page. Many times the tiles menus will jump into weird locations. Then move them where you want them again. Publish. Reload. For some reason I have never had to repeat. Good luck!
  11. My experience is that after a few moves in the menu editor one should save. Then reload the page. About 30% of the time the items you moved around on the page jump to some other position. I move them back, save, and then reload the page. So far after the second reload it's always stayed in position. Should be an easy fix.
  12. Actually, I am using v4.1.4.1 and am still having this menu behavior intermittently. Once I saw this and couple of other threads that indicated that reloading the browser seemed to resolve the menu manager, it helped immensely.
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