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Forum down after successful migration

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I migrated my old IPB to the latest version. Everything was working perfectly until I changed a parameter and now the site has a 500 error.

The parameters I modified are on Advanced Configuration. I see an error on "Template disk cache path" :

Could contain: Page, Text

So, I modified with my new directory after migration. I also added the cron indicated on Advanced configuration to my crontab. The error disappeared but, since this modification, my IPB forum is down with error 500. When I switch to Offline mode, the users can see the maintenance message, that's all.

I have no errors logs. I try to put the old value to Template disk cache path but, forum is down.

I don't know what is my mistake but all working fine before this manipulations. I check, my uploads directory is with chmod 777, like datastore.

Thanks for your help.

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18 minutes ago, Jim M said:

It is an available option to avoid overhead on your MySQL server. Most communities will not need it 🙂 .


20 minutes ago, teraßyte said:

Not really. The setting may speed up things slightly based on the server configuration, but I found it causes problems more often than not. Personally, I suggest leaving it disabling.


Thanks a lot for your help.

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