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Unable to reach site after upgrade

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Just looking at your site there, it seems it's something you will need to contact your hosting company on. You have a connection timed out, which isn't something I'm able to get past on this end. Your server is simply not responding to things at all at present. My guess would be that something is still running from your upgrade that the mysql instance isn't coping with, but your host will be able to confirm if that is the case of course.

In terms of the latter, if you wish to talk about moving to cloud, we can certainly assist you with that. You mention there also changing software. It's worth noting, no amount of software change will fix your hosting, unfortunately. That's not an effort to talk you out of it. Feel free to look around of course. Just pointing out the fact that it appears to be your hosting you are having issues with, not the software. We have many self-hosted clients who manage their own sites without issue. We do however find more and more simply don't want to manage issues they encounter, which is where our cloud comes in.

Just now, sofos said:

hi Marc, an update, the VPS seems to be turned off and won't turn back on

I can certainly see how that would cause an issue. Hope you manage to get the problem resolved

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Thank you. Yes the problem seems to be the hosting however for those who don't have IT guys it's better to have hosting and software from same supplier (imho).
Anyway the problem was caused by the update

6 minutes ago, Marc Stridgen said:

if you wish to talk about moving to cloud, we can certainly assist you with that

sounds good, Thank you

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Additionally, don't forget to make a full backup of the database before the upgrade. Like that you can always roll back if things don't go as planned.

If you have some free time, you can also do a test run of the upgrade by duplicating your main forum to the test forum and proceed with upgrading that first and see how things will go. 

Doing that you will know what to expect when you upgrade your main forum.

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