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Account locked for 30 mins

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25 minutes ago, brandon forquer said:

can I change my email or password

If you can't log in at the forum to change both those things from your profile, you can still change them from the database directly. Although changing things in the database directly is not rcommended, in this case the changes are very minimal and they can be done very safely imo.

First of all make a backup of the database.

Then to change the email address, run the following sql query at the SQL tab of the phpmyadmin of the database that you have used to install your Ipb forum.

UPDATE core_members SET email = 'youremailhere' WHERE member_id = x;

To change the password run this sql query:

UPDATE core_members SET members_pass_hash = '$2y$10$0.QFIEyYUJuic7Rf9WwbJ.tygzTTn3L5qkzDJ6wqv1m7DnZctUREK' WHERE member_id = x;

For the first query, replace youremailhere with the actual email address that you want to use and replace x in both queries with your actual member id.

The second query will change the password to test. After you log in, you can change it to something strong and secure.

And if you are using a custom prefix for your database tables add it to the table name at both queries.

Hope it helps.

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8 minutes ago, brandon forquer said:

Where do I find this in filezilla

You don't need to use FileZila for this.

You should have phpMyAdmin in your CPanel.

Look for the core_members table, and on your admin account which is locked, scroll along for 'failed_logins' and delete the contents in that field and then set 'failed_login_count' to 0.

You can then use the forgot password tool to get a new password and be able to sign in.

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1 minute ago, brandon forquer said:

I’m not sure where to go

Look under databases, you will see phpMyAdmin. Click on that.

I would also remove that photo as it contains some of your server information.

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Also, if you are unsure as to what you are doing, you really should get someone else to do this for you who does.

Remember to make a backup of your database before you do anything else.

Here is my suggestion to you. Do not try to sign in for over 15 minutes, and just change your password. You should be able to login without changing anything in the database.

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Before running SQL queries with an unexperienced administrator, I would recommend resetting your password via the software. The link to the password reset can be found by going to the login page on the front-end and clicking "Forgot your password?"

If you have email working on your community, then resetting your password will reset the lock and you can login with your new password.

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That would be the best course of action, but from what I read, it appears that the OP doesn't have access to the email address anymore, that they had used for the admin account. In that case doing a password reset won't help much I am afraid. But maybe I read it wrong.

17 hours ago, brandon forquer said:

can I change my email or password bc I can’t access my old email please help 


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