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Encountered an order that was paid via paypal marked as refused but payment was actually successful.

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I encountered a problem in v4.7.12. Not sure if this issue have been fixed in v4.7.13 as I just saw there was a new update available.

Basically, the client have created an order and paid via paypal which the payment was successfully approved and deducted.

However, the final order status was shown as "Payment was refused".

In the Transaction History it shows:-

- Paid with Paypal with payment reference info
- Refused (09/11/23 06:33 AM) with the following message:-
Order already authorized.If 'intent=AUTHORIZE' only one authorization per order is allowed.

Seems like there is an issue because of the above intent=AUTHORIZE statement. So ended up the order was marked as failed. Although, within the customer view page, the invoice status showed as paid.

So probably there is a bug somewhere due to the above. I am not sure if the new v4.7.13 have fixed this issue or not. I will shortly update to that and monitor the payment status for future purchase.

Anyway, in case it is not fixed, you may want to look into that intent=AUTHORIZE statement for the paypal payment. That is definitely triggering the order status as failed, even though the payment was successfully approved and deducted.


Warmest Regards
Robert Lee

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