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Analytics Dialog Does Not Work on Copy-to-Database Records

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My community has a 'news' forum where users can post interesting news topics to share with other members, that are then converted to Pages Records in a 'news' database if they are interesting enough for our mods/admins to write stories about.

I have noticed that the new Analytics button does not work on Page Records that have been created as a result of a 'Copy to Database' conversion. It works fine on the original topic, however.

Example (Original Topic):

Clicking the analytics button works as intended.

Example (Pages Record, Copied from Topic):

Clicking the analytics button on this page results in the following error:

Could contain: Text

I did tweak the "analyticsItemLink" template on my theme minimally (only to add record views to the button itself), but just in case I reverted the changes to default and the issue remains. It is not a template issue.

Given that a sync'd Pages Record and Topic tend to have some separate metrics (as you can see if logged in as Admin, the Page Record has 1.2k views and the Topic has around 200) but not others (comments and reactions are synced, for example, although reactions to the Topic OP are not synced with the Page Record itself), it's possible that there is some confusion in the code here resulting in this issue. If copy-to-database/synced topic/pages are enhanced in IPS V5 in order to have a closer relationship than they do in V4 (as per design flaws outlined here and suggestions made here) I think this problem could be overcome in the next major version of IPS?

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19 minutes ago, Marc Stridgen said:

Please could you let me know, are you looking for those analytics to have been copied, or are you saying its not capturing after its been copied?

I'm just supposing in my last paragraph there, but the issue is that whenever I click the analytics button on a Pages Record that has been copied to database, I get that "We could not locate the item you are trying to view" error. Expected behaviour is to have the dialog box open with the Page record views, comments, most active members, most popular days etc metrics. But that's not happening.

I'm not certain what is meant to be copied or not, as I don't know how the metrics work with the copy-to-database system.

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Hi Marc - sorry for the double-post, wanted to add that there is also some weird disparity with the analytics between Pages and associated Topics when posted the other way (i.e. Pages Record is created, Topic is automatically created from it). The Analytics button works, but on the Pages Record it is showing completely different metrics to the Topic.

Example (Pages Record, created first):

Could contain: File, Webpage, Page, Text, Person

This was not a Pages Record I backdated post-publish, it's a new record. The "Most Popular Days" column shows incorrect dates and incorrect comment numbers, while the "Most Active Members" column is wholly inaccurate.

Example (Topic, created from Pages Record):

Could contain: File, Webpage, Text

This is the correct analytics that I imagine should be sync'd / copied into the Pages Record version of the Analytics dialog box.

Not sure if this is an issue that can be replicated, or just something on my community?

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