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Promote Our Picks Stopped Working

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I just noticed that Our Picks and the Our Picks feed is not working anymore. I click on "Promote" for the item to be promoted, yet it never shows up in "Our Picks" page, nor the "Our Picks" feed. But it did promote, because if I view that item again, the button is set at "Re-Promote" indicating that it was promoted.

Also, it is not promoting to Twitter, or X anymore.

Any feedback or direction is greatly appreciated, thank you 🙂

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Do you have a specific item you can point me to that should show please, John? 

Twitter, it may well be them unfortunately. Promotion to social media sites is something very likely to be removed because of this. They are simply making it hard work to deal with them of late

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Thanks Marc, I understand the social promotion not going well, copy link paste to social media will have to do, but for my own internal Our Picks and the feed on our front page, they are not showing.

Here is the link to a file I tried to promote: https://thepatriotwoodworker.com/files/file/232-workbench-magazine-july-august-1968-tool-caddy-plus-dining-room-is-workshop/

Our Picks

Home Page

Thanks sir!

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