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Lost all pictures/video's on website for past 10 years


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I am really lost and searching for help.  My website, Keypro.com, about 6 months ago lost all the history regarding pictures and videos.  I use you and Inmotion for my website so I am asking for help regardless of cost to try to resolve this.  I am not sure if it would be this support or the other.  I have several hundred members and am losing them due to this issue.  So can some one reach out from here by phone or email to help me research this?


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1 hour ago, jimkeypro said:

about 6 months ago lost all the history regarding pictures and videos

Could you please clarify what exactly was lost? Was it the files themselves, moderation history, download file versioning?

What happened to cause the loss? If it was data corruption or server move, are there backups? 

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While you are hosted with us, it seems that some of your file storage is done through your own S3 bucket. I have opened a ticket for this so you can share some URLs with us and see if we can assist here depending on what happened and what is at fault.

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If you go to archive.org and pull a version of the website from August 2022 you can see the images are working as expected. 


For example this image is one that was working but is no longer working.  


Everything was working until the upgrade. When we re-established connection with aws it said it was moving all the images. 

The new images links are like this:



So I need to get the stuff back to August 2022, but will I lose the pictures/videos that have been posted since then???

I tried for over 3 months to resolve this with AWS and got nowhere.  They wanted my old account number and I don't know what it was.  I can't recover the account because I changed my email address with them (jimkeypro@gmail.com) so when I try it sends me an email to confirm back to the one I no longer have!!!!

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