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CMS Conversion with an image

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I am in the process of converting a homemade CMS to Invision and in the basics is moving an article table and converting the images.

I have the images in a folder in the uploads folder and they show fine when displaying the articles.

My issue is when I go to edit the article the image shows 0 kb and it requires me to upload a new image when I go to save the image. 

Are there any work arounds I can do so that the images are "properly" uploaded to Invision? Note that there are thousands of articles so I don't want to do this manually. I'd guess only the newer ones would need to be reuploaded and would do it manually if needed, just want to see if there is an easier way.


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Just now, opentype said:

Someone would need to write a proper import/conversion script. Those images are not just a link to a file. 

Thanks, I was hoping that wouldn't be the answer. I'll just be prepared to update them if we need to edit an article.

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