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Everything I login via the ACP on my phone

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Sorry, you do not have permission for that!

2S119/1 The CSRF protection key did not match. This may indicate a plugin or theme is out of date. Please contact technical support for more information.

Can you guys take a look please?

It happens on the beta version of Chrome on Android, the dev and regular version. The beta being 112.0

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Marc Stridgen
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This only happens in your phone? You are signing in to the same account both times?

I would say try disabling any third-party applications and plugins first just to rule that out, but this is an oddly specific issue.

Are you using the same wifi network on both devices too? Not really any plugin support for native Chrome on Android so that shouldn't be related either.

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I've already disabled my plugins and, apps. I'm signing in on the same WIFI connection, but it happens with my mobiles internet 

This issue only occurs on my phone.

I can use my laptop to sign in fine, likewise I can use my mobiles data as a hotspot for my laptop/desktop without the issue occuring.


I think I've got it, thanks @Makoto. I cleared my sites cache after disabling the plugins and, I was able to sign in. I think I know the cause as well.

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