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"SQL has gone away" .... only it hasn't

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I have a stuck file move task that got to 79.61% and has stayed there.  This is a move from S3 -> server file system.

It is throwing a "MySQL server has gone away" in the log when I try to run it manually.

Only the SQL server hasn't gone away... my site is operating fine otherwise.

I've restarted SQL, I've restarted the server, but that task remains stuck.  

I've run a table optimization on my entire database (I didn't expect this to do anything, it was more to test the SQL server under some additional load), and it was completed without issue.

Notably, when I manually run the task queue, a few PWA notification tasks will run first before the file move process starts failing.

The only recent changes to the system I can think of are an upgrade from MariaDB 10.5->10.6 just before the move. I had temporarily enabled the EXEC directive in PHP for an unrelated task outside of the IPS system.

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35 minutes ago, Randy Calvert said:

Leave it overnight and it should be fine. Had something similar happen when it appeared stuck. Left it and came back the next day with it finally completed. 

Well, that jiggled it loose. It crept up to 81.03% done.  Once it is done, I'll drop my wait timeout back down to a reasonable (but higher than before) level.

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