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Edit password in myphpadmin

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I'm trying to recover access to an old invision board 3.4.7 that has just been left running for a couple of years with some activity.

The problem is that I can not remember the admin password, and since there is an issue with captcha the image is not seen, so normal password recovery is not possible.

Im a novice user, but i did manage to find my way to the ibf_members table, where i see my user and the md5 password hash and salt.
I then used this tool http://tools.curvejump.se/create-md5-hash to enter a new password, and updated members_pass_hash and members_pass_salt with the generated result

I used "Password" as the password and "abcde" as the salt which generated 82e7e51412abb261a498b7d5592ceb82

Afterwards i updated table members_pass_hash with: 82e7e51412abb261a498b7d5592ceb82

and members_pass_salt with abcde

But when trying to log in with my username found in members_l_username and using "Password" as password I get "Username or password incorrect."

Any help appreciated.


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