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Gallery: Changed behavior for Lightbox New Images


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Until the last version (4.7.3) the gallery had an option often used by our members:

Watching new gallery images in the lightbox.

  • Go to the gallery start page
  • Click on one of the images in the New Images section. The resulting URL has the suffix ?context=new
  • Use the arrow links or the keyboard keys to step through all new images

With the new version 4.7.4 this changed and the user can't click to more new images but to other images of the member who posted the first image.

Can you please reinstate the old behavior? Otherwise a lot of my members (old white grumpy men) have to change their daily routine – and will drop their bad mood on me.

Another minor issue: The new images clicking was limited to 30 images – hard coded. Can you cancel this limit or make it a configuration?



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