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Ive done "Force reset password" and recieved thousands of "Mail delivery failed"

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Just now, Randy Calvert said:

Either you need to get a hosting provider that does not limit the number of emails you send per hour, or you need to get an external mail provider that allows it (such as Sendgrid).  

Unfortunately this is a hosting issue, not an IPB issue.  

i know , ill get sendgrid basic pack. 

Guys, i have added Sendgrid, but background process still working via PHP (old method). can i pause it or change it to sendgrid while processing?

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i think there should be a change on how "Force password reset" works. 

1. IPS dont need to send email notification to change password to all members ( i have more than 200k members). 

2. If a member try to login, then redirect to change password form. Ive seen it to other platforms. 

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