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Image sizes (attachments/cover page) for Blogs, Clubs and Events Calendar


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Why is there no such important settings in the admin center?

I'm sure many people don't upload a 5000x5000 cover-image for a calendar event! When the right column is enabled - image width = 970 pixels. Why would you upload a larger picture at that width?

* 100 Kb VS 1-2 Mb / Who will win? Knows https://pagespeed.web.dev/ >>> About - https://web.dev/lcp/

The settings for uploaded picture size (cover), as for Posting and Pages - I consider necessary!

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Sorry - I forgot:
In the age of mobile devices - page load speed is important! Not in all countries/regions - 1 Gb/sec. And some projects cover different regions of the world...

And most importantly - people leave when they wait 10 seconds or more for the page to load...

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On 12/26/2022 at 8:56 PM, LastPlay said:

Can you tell me how to know if this proposal is considered?

Hi @LastPlay,

We do read each and every single feature suggestion that our community gives us, and I would say a lot of them are passed on for "triage", further discussion within the team and/or review.

Taking into account the current workload we have with bug fixes, new updates, enhancements and app-specific updates, it sometimes is difficult to get back to each and every person. There are occasions where we specifically post a 'no can do', so the fact that you haven't received a response is still a positive thing. 🙂

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