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Error attempting to update marketplace application

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Just upgraded to PHP 8.0 and IPB 4.7. Shaky start involving recovery mode to disable 3rd party applications, etc. but we're up and running now.

Unfortunately, when I try to use the marketplace to upgrade an application I know to support 4.7, I get the following error message in the system log:

Extraction from phar "/tmp/IPSMP5Hvui6.tar" failed: Cannot extract "Application.php" to "/usr/share/nginx/html/applications/ignoretopics/Application.php", setting file permissions failed

Has anyone encountered this before? Pretty sure we installed this application originally using the marketplace section of the ACP, without issue. It doesn't sound like the issue pertains to the application itself, so reasonably assuming it's something I've got setup incorrectly.

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10 minutes ago, Randy Calvert said:

This is a problem with permissions on your server. IPB can’t extract the tar ball to your board’s website folders.

You should contact your hosting provider for assistance. 

Alas, I am the hosting provider.

I'm thinking I need to install a fresh 4.7 on my test server and review permissions of the directory hierarchy but I'm slightly surprised it worked with 4.6 but won't now I've updated to 4.7. I appreciate the 8.0 upgrade introduces an unknown to the equation.

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It looks like PHP does not have the right permissions to access either tmp or the target destination. 

But an extraction error is not a problem in the software. The software is simply saying extract the file and your server is responding with “sorry bub, no can do”. 🙂 

Make sure your applications folder is 777 and owned by the correct owner/group. 

Also if the application existed previously you may need to manually remove it if installing it via marketplace. Check the applications folder for ingoredtopics and if it’s there, you might move it up a folder or something for now. 

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