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  1. Apologies for the novice question, I'm slowly coming up to speed on using the developer tools to customize our site. We find we get a lot of reported posts without a supplied reason, so want to make that field required. I've created a theme hook and believe I have found here the report dialog is initiated <li class="ipsMenu_item"> <a href="" data-ipsdialog="" data-ipsdialog-remotesubmit="" data-ipsdialog-size="medium" data-ipsdialog-flashmessage="" data-ipsdialog-title="{lang="report_post"}" data-action="reportComment" title=""> {lang="report"} </a> </li> under \IPS\Theme\class_forums_front_topics However, it's not terribly obvious how I go about making the message required before "Submit Report" will function. I've spent quite a bit of time reading the dev docs and searching this whole community for "required field" and other terms, to no avail. I assume we'll also need to edit the language file for report_message_placeholder, as "Optionally enter a message with your report." obviously no longer makes sense. Any help appreciated.
  2. Our forum has been running Invision since 2003, and users are very much stuck in the classical folder paradigm. Attempts to switch or supplement this with a metadata approach (ie, tags) gained little traction. It's not alike an illness, it's being used to a certain way of doing things. And on a personal level, I'm quite happy for forums in general to eschew the need to mimic social media and operate as they did. To each his own, right? Thanks for the marketplace suggestion, I'll look in to that, @day_
  3. Apologies if already suggested, I searched and could not find it specifically. Request: Change all topic title links such that they include the getNewComment parameter. This is the default behavior while browsing from the main site index, but not while in a forum/sub forum. Justification: When the Forum app had separate desktop and mobile themes, the mobile theme had this very functionality. Rather than requiring users to click the little dot/star alongside a thread, you could click the thread title to see the first unread reply. I no longer run analytics, but even as of a few years ago, half of my users are on mobile devices. We manually edit themes to include getNewComment, but I would prefer to perform as little customization as possible. If, for some reason, a user wants to return to the first page, the forum already includes a link to page 1 under the topic title. I believe this would, technically, allow you to remove the dot/star, which cleans up the UI slightly. It feels like a good quality of life improvement for mobile use, much like the recent new features added in 4.3.
  4. It affects new content, I hadn't thought to pull up an old thread and look for tweets. We've only made minor modifications to the skin (e.g., making the thread title act as "go to unread"), but it's possible we've garbled something if you've made changes recently. I'll have folks try a vanilla 4.3 skin and see if that helps. Cheers for the reply.
  5. I may have posted about this before, but I cannot find the thread. Since at least April 2017, my users have reported that threads containing embedded tweets skip around while you're reading them. It only manifests when you attempt to read a thread you've already read before. Initially, the forum loads the page positioned at the last unread marker, but then as embedded tweets before and after this load their content, the page skips around until it's positioned somewhere else entirely once done. Per my users: Affected: Firefox mobile, Safari Not affected: Chrome, Edge mobile I had wondered if Chrome was unaffected due to the use of overflow-anchor, but I don't see this in the theme's CSS. Is this an issue for anyone else? I'd be happy to blame our skins, which are lightly customized and are based on 4.2 defaults (we're up to date on the forum software), but looking at Invision releases, and when our users reported it, it seems to date back to at least 4.1.19. edit - I should add, this occurs irrespective of the use of any browser extensions.
  6. We always customize our skins to make clicking thread titles take you to the first unread post. However, we experienced an issue with 4.2 to 4.3 and may need to retool our customizations. I actually came here looking for advice on applying these changes strictly via custom.css, but it would be extremely useful if IPS supplied this either as the default behavior (as they did on the separate mobile skin on version 3.x) or at least provide a toggle. Clicking the star/circle is barely tolerable on desktop, and essentially useless via mobile devices.
  7. The default is for the cached image to be purged after X time, and recached if necessary, correct? That seems like a reasonable compromise to those looking to juggle multiple, competing priorities (wanting to adhere to applicable laws, wishing to maintain good security practicies, etc.). To accompany this, if you have an obvious and clear means to report copyright infringement, this surely shows the intent to act in good faith. I'm not sure you can do much more beyond that. (IANAL, etc.)
  8. Cheers, I already sorted it but just wanted to come back here to confirm. It's not the OS, it's a specific parameter we (unwittingly) defined as we setup high res icons to support various OSes. In Android's case, that included a manifest.json which included the following parameter: "display": "standalone" I think we could have removed the line, but to be sure I changed it to: "display": "browser" and now bookmarks always operate like standard bookmarks, launching a new tab in the default browser. I had to get users to dump their local cache to see the change reflected.
  9. Interesting. What about the forum determines iOS adds it as a web app shortcut, instead of a vanilla bookmark? I only ask because some sites get a bookmark, others this web app shortcut. For a random example, nbcsports.com ends up with a vanilla bookmark which opens up in a new Chrome tab on Android. Our forum gets a nice splash screen and then functions as a web app.
  10. When you create a bookmark on a recent mobile device, and place this on the home screen, it seems to be recognized as a web app rather than a bookmark of old. This means the forum is opened in a new browser window, with minimal UI, rather than opening a new tab in the default browser. How do we change this behavior?
  11. I actually appreciate it when Twitter sends me an email advising a specific report led to action taken. We have developed a similar expectation from our users, but it's also born of moderation being a black box in general. Only moderators see if a post led to a warn, only mods see if a post is reported (leading to duplicate reports, and so on. Maybe it's a question of trust in the system. Applying the 80/20 rule, I can see how this is likely an outlier case for many communities, but moderators on our forum have requested it. I think, at the very least, the post in question indicating that action was taken is useful, even if it's not my original request here. It sets a clear precedent for what isn't acceptable, per the forum's rules.
  12. When moderators take action on a report, they are able to leave a note to moderators and the person on the receiving end of the action. The person who made the report does not receive anything, requiring moderators to start a PM conversation. It would allow for a more efficient process, and better user experience, if the reporter could be informed at the time a report is closed out (i.e., no action), or if specific action was taken (perhaps a third text box on the warn screen).
  13. Given the volume of reports we handle, we would also benefit greatly from this feature. Sometimes it's very difficult to discern the intent of the report. I would very much rather deal with "lkjherhkjewhkjhkjsfdg" as the reason, than no reason at all. The former could be handled as potential time wasting. We attempted to edit our theme to enforce this as a required field, but have not been successful thus far.
  14. We have a usergroup who do not act upon reports, but would like to have visibility into reports should the need arise. I may have missed it, but I can't seem to find an explicit toggle for allowing moderator control panel access, or even to just the report center. Does such a setting exist? If not, how else might one grant access to the report center without any of the functionality typically granted to moderators? Could I do this by basically turning off everything for that group under ACP > Staff > Moderators?
  15. Based on feedback from IPS support, this is my issue to resolve (we own the box). Any sense of why PHP sessions cannot be set? As noted, it's CentOS using PHP 7.1 from webtatic. The board functions just fine, and I don't believe there are any differences in configuration with our prod and non-prod environments. edit - I think I may have resolved it, the path to the session folder was not owned by the nginx process. I forgot it seems to reset ownership when you update PHP packages.
  16. Well, I tried to submit a ticket via the ACP and got this error after writing out all of the details: Something is clearly amiss.
  17. Last night I attempted to upgrade from 4.2.3 to 4.2.4. I started the process, logged in, downloaded the delta package and uploaded it. I then tried to set the upgrade process running but encountered the following error: The forum, offline at the time, worked perfectly fine while this error was up. I even logged back into the admin panel and all is fine. I've since restored the forum root files and we're back to 4.2.3. Searching this forum, the only reference to that error is a PHP session issue. I looked at our non-prod environment, which I upgraded earlier yesterday from 4.2.2 to 4.2.4 without issue, and phpinfo() reports the same configuration for the entire Session section in both environments. We're running CentOS with the webtatic PHP repo and are fully up to date.
  18. I'm glad this topic has resurfaced, I asked a few weeks back to no response. I'd be surprised if Invision has nothing to do here, given Given we all have a vested interest in adhering to laws and protecting our users' rights, I'd really like to participate with others here in trying to establish the remit of forum owners/admin, so we can provide clear expectations of their rights, but also to feed suggestions to Invision to enable us to enforce them.
  19. I'm getting this for a very specific type of image - anything taken with the iOS camera app. It's been happening for over a year now, and our suggestion to users was to take a screenshot and post that instead. I had thought older libraries were the cause, but our test server is now on the latest PHP and other libraries and it's still doing it. Upgrading to 4.2 had no effect. If I had to guess, I'd say it was something about the location EXIF data from that camera app, but I don't have an iOS device so cannot test extensively.
  20. Thank you, I appreciate the technical analysis. I will trust that the above means some plugins require a specific version for IPS 4.2. I think the issue is language; something "compatible" with 4.2 literally doesn't preclude compatibility with prior versions. Also, as I have stated, other plugins we have used, for older versions of IPS, have not require separate versions. If the plugin had stated "4.2 required", I would have initially downloaded the previous version, 1.1.6. Thanks for taking the time to explain why the change was necessary, it's not always clear why Invision mess with templates in this manner.
  21. No sir, I do not. I am literally offering only my experience of having installed other IPS plugins. By pure chance, these other plugins have needed tweaks to adapt to changes Invision made to their code. In these specific instances, the plugins then worked with the current and prior versions of IPS. I have no knowledge of this plugin nor any of the underlying programming knowledge in IPS framework. I'm simply a paying customer who is 1) having difficulty and 2) seeking help by asking questions. I am disappointed in the outcome of our interaction. Thank you for your time.
  22. I've seen numerous plugins that need to be tweaked for new versions of IPS, due to changes Invision have made, but retain compatibility with older versions Not trying to be difficult, this is just my experience of plugins and so I did not understand the requirement for this one.
  23. Yeah, running the support tool fixed the post issue. I'll try reinstalling the plugin later to see if it reoccurs. To me, "compatibility" means "also works with", not "is required". Even just a minor heads up in the notes to use the previous version while not on the 4.2 beta would probably save a post from people like me.
  24. Well, this is interesting. Approximately 25 minutes after installing 1.1.6, some members of our forum, myself included, cannot post. I have no way of asking who can and cannot. I've since removed the plugin, but when I try to reply the CKeditor fails to load (I click in the reply window by the placeholder text remains). Also, and curiously, the theme selector dropdown no longer works. Again, anything obvious I might try? I've restarted nginx and php-fpm on the off chance it was that, but honestly, the forum has been running absolutely smoothly for months. edit - running the support tool in the ACP resolved it, although I have yet to reinstall the plugin. Very odd.
  25. That did it. I installed version 1.1.6 and it worked immediately. Could I suggest a change, please? This is the first mod I've seen (admittedly, we haven't used many) where it's not backwards compatible with earlier versions of IPS. Given is the current stable production version, and 4.2 not yet released, I would update the product page for this plugin to make it explicit that the latest version (1.2) only works on 4.2, not that it's "compatible" with 4.2. FYI, our only other plugin is Tapatalk. Thanks again for your help.
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