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Pages Feature requests: Improving filters


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Since I am using Pages databases a lot, I always run into the same problems. Here are two related to filters. (I could probably add more, but I was dealing with these recently.)

Checkbox as a filter.

This option is unfortunately missing. I often need to give optional filter choices, e.g. as here on Amazon:

Could contain: Text, Logo, Symbol, Trademark

With Pages, there is no option to do this. The Yes/No field isn’t optional. Using it would only ever allow one choice in the filter set (Yes or No). Filtering across all records without a choice for this field would become impossible. So it’s almost unusable. The Checkbox Set for some reason can be used as expected, but it only makes sense for multiple choices per field. For one field, it would still create the “select all/none” interface. 
Solution: Allow checkbox field to be a filter, where no selection doesn’t do anything and a selection show all records with this checkbox checked.

Pages relationship fields as filter.

I always struggle with this one as well. This field makes Pages database so powerful and gives us a competitive advantage over other software. 

Filters per radio, select box and so on are fine when there is a fixed set of options the admin can set up in advance. But what if that is not the case? What if the list of options needs to grow and needs their own database entries as well? For example, the publishers and authors of a book database. If they are set up as related databases, it’s impossible to filter the book records, because the relationship field cannot be used as a filter. But it is something users would expect. 
Solution: Allow the relationship field to be used as filter with one or multiple options. 

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