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Can I hide "Edited just now by (admin name)"?

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When I edit a post I see "Edited just now by (me)". I know I'm the only one to see that (or perhaps mods can see it too, not sure), however I'd rather completely remove it and not see it so that I can see the same thing a regular member sees. 

Is there a setting for this? 

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2 hours ago, Jamynee said:

Ok, thanks Jim. Not ideal, but no big deal. 

You can, of course, make changes how you see fit. It's your community 🙂 . I am just saying from an administrative perspective, you don't want to remove things from your "power" account just to view as your members do. It's putting yourself in chains, so to speak, because you're restricting and removing abilities that an administrator should have to perform tasks as an administrator.

The other side of it too is often administrators go down this route and then come to us, it would be great if we could do "x, y, z" but "x, y, z" is already a feature in our software, they restricted themselves from seeing it when they setup their community and forgot.

Some of our clients do the reverse as I am suggesting. They have an administrator account which they log in to do admin or moderator activities but the rest of the time, they view/post under an account which has permissions just like a regular user. Each is seen on the community as "staff" but like you, they like to see things as a user, so they set things up that way. Just food for thought 🙂 .

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I'm curious (and not at all in a negative way, more out of interest). Is there a reason why you wanted to achieve this?

I do understand that it may look like clutter sometimes when reading through topics I guess. Provided you have the permissions set correctly to what you want your members to see, then I'm sure it can be overlooked whenever using your administrator account. If it were me and if I wanted to design or create something solely focused on and from my members perspective, then I would create a test account (with obviously the exact same permissions) to observe the functionality of my community. I would never consider editing permissions on my own administrator account for risk of accidentally doing something I shouldn't have actioned.

Don't fix what isn't broken.

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I hear you, and that's what I'll do, I'll live with it, it's no big deal. But if there was a simple on/off switch in my ACP to choose not to display those comments, I would hide them. 

The reason is purely visual. I'm in the early stages of redesigning my site with this newly acquired software and I give a lot of attention to details as far as how everything is laid out visually on the page. Things like the space each member's signature take, the padding around it, how much they have to scroll to see content on screen depending on their viewport size, the ratio between content, signatures, and ads, etc. 

I like the focus to be on the content as much as possible, with a minimalist look... I edit other members posts quite often to fix things like typos and extra empty lines, and sometimes reading a thread can end up looking... well a little bit something like this: 

Posted Wednesday at 11:32 PM Author

Should I try a new project?

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Ok I'll try it.

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