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Moved website to new hosting

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Hi all,

I followed all the steps to move the website from one hosting to another

Files from old host copied and placed back in public_html on new host.

Database imported in the new hosting Database.

Edit the conf_global.php with the right credentials.

I get this error


Could contain: Text, Page

I can not access Admin too.

Anybody can help me ? I have moved forums to other hostings many times but i never had this issue.



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Have you made sure the new host meets all of the requirements for IPB?  

Also make sure your new host is not running. PHP 8.2 as IPB only supports PHP 7.4.X, 8.0.X, and 8.1.X.  

Finally if all of the above is good… you may have a 3rd party resource that is causing a problem.  Recovery mode might be able to be used to disable all external resources to regain access.


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1 minute ago, Denniz38 said:


How to get into recovery ?

Place the noted variable in your constants.php and visit the ACP login page.  When you login, the system will detect the variable in the constants.php and disable all 3rd party resources.  It will then say to disable the variable to continue using the ACP.  

However if it simply displays a white page, it's most likely what I mentioned above being a file ownership/permission issue.  Your new host may be running suPHP or other secure PHP setup that has specific requirements to execute scripts.  

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21 hours ago, Randy Calvert said:

Wow… that’s unusual!  Normally you would see a MySQL error instead of a 500 application error with a database password issue!  

I’m glad you were able to get to the bottom of the problem though!  Hopefully this helps someone else in the future. 

My hosting asked if i could use a lesser complicated one and it did the trick.

Later i changed it back to a complicated one and still working.

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