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Alert Message is Cutting Off and Not Fully Displaying

Brian Heg

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Hi - I am trying to use the alert feature, which I like, but I noticed the box in which the alerts displays cuts off the message. As you can see on this excerpt, the words get cut off by a few.  It also gets cut off at the bottom right--where there is the Dismiss Button and what looks to be another button to reply. Any ideas on how to make it show correctly? 





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You appear to be using a Theme that has been edited/customized.

As a first step, please change to an unmodified Theme for the front end (create one if necessary), then visit there and perform a hard refresh of your browser (CTRL-F5 on PC, CMD-Shift-R on Mac).

If alerts then display properly, you'd need to contact the author of your custom Theme for assistance. They may have an update for you, for example.

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