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Suite Renewal and Apple Pay


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i went to go renew my license this morning, and being super early and not having my coffee yet, i didn't want to pull out my debit card and type out the really complicated strings of numbers 😛 (as the card on file is super outdated lol) and i'm done paying paypal fees this month, so i was excited to see "apple pay". So i selected it, thought it was odd it was showing 'GPay', was like "alright, that will work too, i have that". however when i clicked on it, nothing happened. so i thought maybe it was me using chrome, so i tried safari, same thing. it showed the 'GPay" logo, but when i clicked on it, nothing happened. So i ended up having to get my debit card. this is no biggy, just thought i'd let you know, maybe apple pay is too big brained for me, but i couldn't get it to work for renewal. 

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