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No Background Tasks Running - Expected at times? Or indication of problem?

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Synopsis of system:

  • Recently upgraded to 4.x
  • crontab setup for once per minute to run `task.php`
  • In ACP main status indicates No Background Tasks running.
  • The upgrade was 7 days ago, during those 7 days or so, yes we had a storm of background tasks run.  It feverishly was updating the DB post-upgrade.
  • The flury of background tasks has subsided to a zero background task situation.
  • The site still has and still runs the boiler-plate "tasks" per ACP (clean up tasks, post management, email management, etc..)
  • Nothing in System Logs or Error logs to hint to any defect.  By all outward appearance, the site is running fine.
  • 50K users, 10-15 GB data (posts).   200-300 simultaneous active users at any time.

Question:  Should I expect time to time that the background task queue is empty?


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  • Solution

"No background tasks running" under "Background Processes" in the ACP -> System -> Dashboard, would be expected if you have no background tasks in your queue. This will happen at times and is not indication of an issue.

If there is an error with background tasks, you would receive a warning in the ACP notification system.

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