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Twitch Integration including checking for Subs

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We were using Twitch Integration and have found that he is no longer supporting the app... looking for someone to build out a new version on the updated api. Need the ability for it to

  • check on sub status and move them to change their primary or secondary group. Need both. and then move them back to a designated group when no longer subscribed
  • Create a feature stream block
  • Create a page with all of the different streams highlighting who is online
  • add Twitch login method
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Just to give everyone an update we are pretty much done with this project you can find the live version of the directory here: https://www.urgentfury.com/twitch/

Features include:

  • Check Sub Status to designated channel
  • If Sub move to designated group
    • Ability to¬†protect¬†groups such as Admins
    • If protected add to secondary group
  • Add Twitch channel to directory automatically when authenticated with Twitch
  • Add Twitch Channels Manually via ACP*

* Known bug with Brilliant Discord Application when adding manually. I have reached out to @SoftwareFactory to report the issue

Supports 4.7

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