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Hump Day: added solved & unsolved filters to activity streams

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Happy Hump Day, team! 

There's a new feature available to all included in 4.7 Beta 1: we added solved & unsolved filters to activity streams. 🎉 

What does this mean?

You can now sort through and stay up-to-date on any solved/unsolved content items by setting up a custom activity stream.

Why is this important?

This is particularly useful for community support forums where clients and members are searching for solutions to questions that have already been answered. Or, perhaps a developer is in search of questions or problems that are unsolved. 

Here is a view of an activity stream showing all solved content.

You can create a more granular search by inputting more information, like ownership, time period and more.  

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Go ahead and give it a try by navigating to the activity streams located in our navigation. 

We have a few more updates available to you. Read our 4.7 Beta 1 release notes here.

PS - we have a new blog about hCaptcha headed your way soon. Stay tuned 😉 

While I've got you, check out a list of updates and fixes for 4.7. Nicely done, gents!

- Added hCaptcha support.
 - Added a setting to exclude groups from search logs.
 - Increased minimum PHP version to 7.4 and recommended version to 8.0.
 - Added a solved/unsolved filter for activity streams.
 - Changed Marketplace search to 'AND' mode for more accurate results.
 - Fixed an issue that may prevent attaching audio files to content.
 - Fixed a minor typo in the forms.css template.
 - Fixed upload area not showing on minimized editors for guest users.
 - Fixed an issue where post counts were incremented even when a new item was held for approval via the profanity filters.
 - Fixed an issue where filters and sort options do not persist between deleting members in the Admin CP.
 - Fixed an issue where sitemap may show entries from offline applications.
 - Fixed an issue where support account may show as the latest registered member.
 - Fixed an issue where the upgrade process would fail to finish because of duplicate DB queries.
 - Fixed an issue where the default streams had a broken time period.
 - Fixed an issue where widgets may not be available even with enabled apps.
 - Fixed an issue where status updates where appearing as search results even if the user had no permissions to view profiles.
 - Fixed some issues with the online status indicator in account settings.
 - The Editor Preview Button was removed from ACP Editors.
 - Removed the deprecated FX Country code from the Geolocation class.
 - Removed the ability to rebuild existing attachment thumbnails due to an incompatibility with content attributes required for lazy-loading.


 - Improved the fluid-mode per forum filters to remove a page reload, and to reverse the filter checkbox status to make it clear which are being viewed.


 - Fixed an issue with the followed Gallery Images page.
 - Fixed an issue with rebuilding thumbnails on legacy communities where the original image may no longer exist.


 - Added the missing `__indefart_cms_page` language string.
 - Improved search indexing speed of comments when Elastic Search is used.
 - Fixed an issue where sorting by a numerical field could duplicate the option with an incorrect label.
 - Fixed issue with 'image upload' block carousels not working in the sidebar
 - Fixed an issue where custom Yes/No fields when used as a database filter were ignored when further sorting.
 - Fixed an issue where categories could have broken breadcrumbs.
 - Fixed an issue where entering a blank value for a required decimal field would save the value as 0.


 - Fixed an issue rebuilding some profile photo images.


 - Improved performance when updating a large number of existing purchases.
 - Removed deprecated Amex Express checkout options.
 - Fixed an issue where a card would not be auto-billed if the customer did not have an address.
 - Fixed a niche issue where a renewal invoice (for manual payment) would not be generated if a PayPal Subscription was cancelled on an active purchase.


 - Fixed an issue where the day view wouldn't show todays events when it's being used as the default calendar view.

 REST, Webhooks and Zapier

 - Fixed an issue where the 'hidden' content item filter would be ignored for any content type except topics. 
 - Fixed an issue where the date parameter for the 'Edit a topic' endpoint was not updating topic/post post date.

Thoughts on the new solved/unsolved filters added to activity streams? Sound off in the comments and let us know what you think!

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