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A Docker Container Project for a Self-Hosted Site

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I am the SysAdmin for a self-host UK forum for self-builders. We are currently doing a platform refresh from a 4-core to a 6-core VPS (mainly because the latter bundle rebaselines to a currently supported Ubuntu LTS version and doubles the SSD storage available).  I am moving to using Docker for both production and test on the new server.  

I don't have any assistance to request, ATM.   The project is pretty much self documented.  You just need a host server with docker-compose, docker.io and git installed (I have a local RPi4  with 256Gb NVMe SSD running Raspbian 64bit Lite and it runs fine on it).  Set up your project directory and git init it, git pull this repo. Set up your environment and secrets according to the env.default-template.  Run extensions/build-all to build the extension images and run the docker-compose to build and bring the forum up.  This will bring up 5 containers for the stack: httpd, php, mysql, redis and hk (cron-based housekeeping).  Note that the build supports two separate instance stacks: forum (on 80 and 443) and test (on 8080 and 4443).

This is a work-in-progress, but about 90% complete.  Anyone is free to copy / clone / raise issues through the GitHub issues system.  Enjoy. 😊

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