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Signup problems

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I have a user which cannot signup with his emailadres(ses).

I thought it would be an IP (banned) issue or so but if I try to signup with his emailadress (here on my computer/internet connection) then i also get"



You are not permitted to register a user account with this site.


The emailadresses of this person are not in use in the system nor banned or so..

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To confirm these are not in ACP -> Members -> Ban Filters?

If so, this would indicate that the user is in our Spam Defense database either due to attempting to register multiple times or another reason. If they are not a spammer they will eventually fall out but to allow them to register on your community, you can add them to the whitelist in ACP -> Members -> Spam Prevention -> Spam Defense Whitelist.

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9 minutes ago, Matthijs Leussink said:

no, the system doesnt know this address, i see the that his addresses are listed in the Spamdefense Logs

I cant add a single emailadress to the whitelist, only a complete domain..thats a bit dangerous with gmail.com

Can always manually register them or temporarily disable the spam defense system.

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