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Admin/Staff cannot edit member Profile Field unless member can too

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We have a number of additional Profile Fields set up. When I am in the member's profile page I want to be able to edit their profile and then to add/change the content of these additional Profile Fields.


I also do not want the member themselves to be able see, nor edit, those fields. This is in order for Staff to keep various private moderation notes related to a member.

However, even as an Admin my ability to see/edit these fields when I edit their profile seems to wholly depend on the "Member can edit value" being turned on.


If it's not turned on, I cannot even see the values when I go to edit their profile. If it is turned on, I can edit just fine.

Is my ability to edit these fields as an Admin supposed to be tied to this value and goes along a member's own ability to edit it, or not?



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