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Are friendly club URL's possible?

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They should already be “friendly”. 

It should be: yourdomain.com/clubs/ID-NAME

This is replacing the “real” path of index.php?app=core&module=clubs&controller=view

IPS will tell you to not change it and leave it alone as customizing it is outside of their support. This is because you can break stuff super easy if you don’t know what you’re doing.

With that said… In the Customize Friendly URLs section of the ACP, you’ll find the mapping and could technically change it. However you would still need the ID included. If you don’t include a sub folder and try to make it just yourdomain.com/club1 you run the risk of someone breaking your site if they create a club with a special name that’s already used such as messenger, topics, etc. 

You could MANUALLY define a single club to have a friendly name like that safely but it’s super risky to just let it get auto created. 

So the long answer here it’s possible but highly unrecommended. 

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It could also be possible to manually map every club to a custom URL, either using the Customize Friendly URLs section as mentioned by @Randy Calvert or by configuring your web server. The last option is unfortunately not possible on the cloud plans.

This way you wouldn’t modify the original friendly URL rules, but create new ones that’ll work in addition to the originals:

  • circle.thestateofbison.com/nameofclub -> circle.thestateofbison.com/clubs/1-name-of-club
  • circle.thestateofbison.com/otherclub-> circle.thestateofbison.com/clubs/2-other-club

This is not a good solution if you have lots of clubs, though.

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