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PAID: Some Forum Features (involving Member Shop/Points)

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I would like to place a request for three specific features that will enchance the Forum experience for me, and my users.

Two of them will involve the Plugin Member Shop, which offers a virtual currency (Points, or whatever you name it), and basically you  will be using those virtual currency to purchase them and apply on the user's accounts. The idea of these features is to make them open to future idea changes, to start making it simple and keep improving with time.

I will simply give the "basic" idea here. The developer who likes this request and wants to seriously have an appointment to give more details and discuss on the timing/pricing, please feel free to either post in here or send me a Private Message.

In case you wonder, I have already asked the "Member Shop" developer to do this custom work for me, but unfortunately after some thinking he led me into posting this in here.

The features would be the following:


1) Add stars next to the username everywhere in forums/pages/whatever. --- we can make this in an easier way, I will hear suggestions out, and we will think of the best way to do this.

Users will have a panel called "stars" where all stars will be shown, every star with a "Lock" (so they cannot wear it). Each star will have a cost (set in AdminCP). In that stars page, we will have a line saying something like: 

Current Total Star Value: [xx Points / $xx ]  ---- Dollars is assuming that the points have some "real" dollar value, in case users want to purchase points vs $.

Then, each star will have a value. Users will unlock stars to be elegible to select (wear/unwear) once they reach that star value. Again that star value will be set in AdminCP.

Admin can upload as many stars as he wishes. Stars will be shown next to the username EVERYWHERE in the forums/pages, articles... where the username is visible.

I can show live examples of this, but felt to simply give you a global idea. This feature


2) Purchase Orbs for usernames.

Orbs are nothing more than username color change, but a bit more advanced. Users will be elegible to purchase DEFAULT orbs (set in admincp with fixed colors for everyone). Note, colors will have different glows of foreground and background colors.

Then, we will also have another orb which is customizable by the user, meaning that he can choose the foreground/background color, and he can change the colors any time he wants.

Also, users who purchase orbs, can wear/unwear them at any time.

Of course, each orb will have a NAME set in admincp, and a price set in admincp. Once users purchase one orb, it will be unlocked and elegible to wear it and unwear it.

The point here is to have few default orbs (ie: one green, one purple, one red... users cannot customize them but to buy them as default ones). And then, we will have the most expensive one, called "Rainbow Orb", which is fully customizable for those who bought it.


It would be dope if it could show a preview in each orb, with the user's name, previewing how it would look like.


3) Add customization of Topic Titles vs Points.

Here let's put this simple:

- Add a possibility for users to spend their points in creating topic titles customized. The customization will consist on:

~ Make your topic Bold

~ Make your topic Italic

~ Make your topic [Red]

~ Make your topic [Green]


And mix them up. Each option will cost "x" points (set in admincp). If you choose more than one, prices will add up. Obviously you cannot choose two colors at once. Would be nice if in AdminCP we could add/remove new color options so more possibilities to customize are there.

Topics will be shown everywhere (index.php / forum.php / anywhere that the topic title is shown) with the title customization chosen. I will enter in more detail of where to be shown when we discuss the final custom work. I will try to keep it as simple as possible.

This is a funny way for users to use their points and have an extra value.


--- I can have images, live examples, or whatever is needed in all three features I'm asking. But you will get a general idea on this. I am not in any kind of rush to do this, so even if you're working in something else you can work on this. We simply have to agree on a deadline and pricing that is fair for both of us.


Thank you,

-- vans

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