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Suggestion: Fix for the Reported content notification email

Gabriel Torres

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In the email template "Reported content notification", the following part:

{$email->language->addToStack("go_to_this_x", FALSE, array( 'sprintf' => array( mb_strtolower( $email->language->addToStack( $report::$title, FALSE ) ) ) ) )}

Should be replaced with:

{$email->language->addToStack("go_to_the_report", FALSE)}


With the default code, the button "Go to this report" that is present in the email is created based on the go_to_this_x language string. While in English this works fine, in other languages it creates two issues:

1. "this" can be either a male or a female word, depending on the noun. So we end up with a gender mismatch in this particular case.

2. In English, the word "Report" can be either a noun or a verb. However, in other languages, the noun and the verb corresponding to "report" may be different.

In summary, in Portuguese, we end up with "Ir a este Denunciar", while the correct form would be "Ir à esta denúncia".

The fix is very simple, however, as the platform already have this phrase in its correct form as go_to_the_report.

So simply replacing one key by the other solves the issue.

Thanks! 🙂

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