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Datastore Not Writeable

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I get occasional messages, generally during a bulk mail send, that files in the datastore are not writeable. In the last bulk send approximately 500 messages. I also get bounced emails with incorrect email addresses (I am guessing corrupted due to datastore issue. Before installation the I ran the system check which highlights any problem forum permissions, with no problem.

The permissions seem to be ok, and looking at file dates, the files are still being written to at other times.

Is there are more detailed permissions checker script?

On a bulk mail send, when would the datastore be used?

During a mail send would the directory and files be accessed by a process owned by apache only? Are other owners possible? What about groups?

Is there a way to get a more detailed trace?


I am currently getting abuse reports for emails sent where the 'to' email address is gibberish.

Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.


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