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Cant change License URL

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We changed from dedicated server to IPS hosted

The new license is with IPS

My old license in my client area is still the old url

However I cant change URLs for this license as its still pointing to a valid install ? The IPS server

Can you delete the old license details please so I can reissue the license to a new url ? 

If you look at your own IPS hosting for this account youll see its a different license - I THINK......


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Its not clear here if this is now working properly or not. Could you please confirm?

If this is the license that you moved to cloud you are trying to use, its because it checks the domain. So there would have indeed still been an install there, but its not on your server. It just needed us to reset it on that occasion which I believe my colleague has done. Please let us know if thats sorted the problem.

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