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Wanting to Move from Self Hosted to Hosted.. Questions

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Good Morning,

Apologies if this is the wrong place to post this.. But, it appears this is the only category I have access to/can post in. Every other category is telling me I need to sign in to use this function or do not have access.. despite being an active Invision Community member/customer for years.


I have a few questions.. I am wanting to move from Self Hosted (my current web host sucks) and move to the Hosted (Invision Community). I do not fully understand the page impressions metric.


  • Is the page impressions count per day? per month? per year?- before it resets?


  • If I have a boost of traffic for say 72 hours that goes over my impression limit and then it goes back down how is this case handled? does my site shutdown/not have access for the new visitors?


  • How many people does the page impressions of 350,000 Page Impressions equal?
  • If my site goes down or gives an error- what type of web  hosting support is offered with this?


thank you!

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@Austin Martel To start out the reason you are unable to access the categories is that Yes you need to be signen in with your client credentials as at present you are logged in as a member which is not the same.

Now here is the reason why you need to be correctly logged in . At present you won't get any help from staff because at this point there is no proof of you being a licensed member. Now if you do hold a license and it is current you need to contact staff from your client center and let them know there is an issue which then all your questions can and should be answered during normal business hours.

I hope this helps,

The Woodsman


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