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Need Help with Custom Block

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Hi All,

I'm not trying to become an IPS developer... I just want to accomplish my goal and be done. I'd appreciate some help.



I have a custom written app which I want my community members to access from IPS without having to login.

For this purpose, my custom app reads variables passed via the URL (it uses $_GET). i.e.




Our community has the IPS Pages app.

I want to create a simple custom block that has an image in it. When a user clicks the image, some very simple PhP code should execute, produce the necessary URL and send the user to that URL.


When I create a custom block in IPS, I get the editor and no way to include the PhP code.

How can I accomplish this?



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I posted an image to the forum and got the exact url of it by viewing it.

Below is the my PhP code which I'm testing.

echo '<img src=\"https://mycommunity.com/uploads/monthly_2021_10/BFF-SSR-Login.png.ab0687b360535516ff3c60ab33b92eae.png\">';
echo '  SSR Database Test';

When I add the custom block to a test page, the image is missing. Why?


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