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Anyone having slow delivery on Contact Us e-mails?

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Anyone else experiencing slow reception on e-mails sent through the Contact Us on the front page of the forum.

Yesterday afternoon we changed the System/Settings/Contact Us from receiving messages via the Support Ticket option to sending messages to a listed e-mail address at the forum domain name.
As a trial run, another staff member sent two e-mails through the forum Contact Us link. Both of those messages have still not arrived (almost 24 hours later). After waiting a couple hours, we added a second e-mail address (this time a GMail address) to the settings. Then, we sent a third trial message through the forum contact. This time, the message was received at only the GMail address, but not for over three hours.

We've tested both addresses multiple times, and they are receiving normal messages just fine. Only the forum contact messages are not showing up. And we have checked the Spam folders multiple times.

Is anyone else experiencing an issue like this? Were you able to fix it?

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2 hours ago, CoffeeCake said:

Is your community using CIC? If so, I'd submit a support ticket.

Otherwise, this is all dependent on your server setup.

No, it's using PHP (had to check that one). 

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