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This is odd. I have 2 sites using ip.suite. They are on the same server. If I try to post on them, one of them works fine and the other one won't post no matter what. The post button changes to saying posting and just sits there.

This site (this Invision company site) looked like it was going to do it also. But then it posted, just was slow doing it.

Just odd that one site is behaving differently than the other, whether it be my internet or whatever else it could be. Using same browser on both too.

I assume it's not related to the invision software, so posted in this forum, but who knows... maybe it's a combo of issues, since one works and one doesn't.

edit: now it started working. so no clue...

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we encounter a very similar behaviour that posting causes some delay or slow response from the forum software. The users that can't post at all can do so in the incognito mode / private windows. So that seems a cache issue. And also mainly the firefox users encounter it.

But hitting the "post" button got a bit 'demanding' with the 4.6. upgrade.

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