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  1. Thanks for the guide! Is there a way to display the $rank->_title OR the member title? It seems the profile fields have no "name" to be directly referenced in the template to create some if else magic 🤔
  2. Thanks for the reply and the assessment. Will think about a custom app then 🙂
  3. Hello I wonder if there is a way to plugin a custom map into the map manager? (for example from computer games, movies, books, role playing etc). We have created the map tiles and used leaflet to zoom around. So we think we are close. I there a way to add such custom maps / configurations into the map manager? Without messing around too much (thinking about upgrades and maintenance and so on). Thanks! 🙂
  4. thanks for the update! I was a bit in panic when I read it first 😄 I think something still happened during the 4.4.9 upgrade. I could add the widget a second time from the available blocks. Seems the id of the block or something is calculated differently than before 🤔- but it works normally with our upgraded 4.4.9 and rocket.chat 2.3.0
  5. The above config is from rocket.chat 1.3.2 (note its not in OAuth Apps but in OAuth - there are two sections). These are the settings from the created OAuth Client in the IPB Admin CP: (with the url you get from rocket.chat above) I think all other settings are set to default. Maybe check the scopes section if there is anything missing (I have two scopes: profile and email)
  6. The Widget itself does not use the OAuth credentials. When you configure the Widget you need to use an account configured in the rocket.chat administration. I use a bot, so I manually set a password for that user and use that one. The widget uses Basic Auth and the REST Api. In the future it may rely on OAuth too but currently it should work also when the chat is not connected to the forum. Well that is hard to tell what is going on. Since the Authentication is sent via Headers those may be a problem. Is nothing happening at all? You should get redirected to the forum and asked about permissions for the username and email. And then redirected back to chat and logged in. I would check if the redirects happen (in the browser dev tools and console) and the system logs in the forum. Also the rocket.chat log might give you a hint if something is happening. I had to tweak the settings quite a bit but the ones above are the ones I currently use.
  7. So. Did another attempt to use the OAuth server that comes with Invisionboard. I could get it to work with these settings: Invisionboard: in the AdminCP: System - Rest & OAuth - OAuth Clients, create new Client Type: Custom Confidential OAuth Client Available Grant Types: Authorization Code Redirection URIs: the Uri shown in Rocket.Chat when creating a custom OAuth provider, for our chat server it looks like: https://chat.host.domain/_oauth/tolkienforum Authorization Prompt: Always left the rest at its defaults. notice the "scopes" tab, having profile and email available write down the client id and secret id! (needed for rocket.chat settings) Rocket.Chat: Administration: OAuth (not OAuth Apps) Create Custom OAuth Account Activate: true it will show the redirect uri on top to use above Url: the uri of your community Token path: /oauth/token/ Token sent via: Header Identity path: /api/core/me Authorization path: /oauth/authorize/ Id: from invisionboard setting above Secret Id: from invisionboard setting above Login Style: redirect Scope: profile email (both scopes "profile" and "email" separated with a space) Button Text: something like "login via our forum" Avatar field: photoUrl I could not yet get the groups / roles to work as the auth response for primaryGroup is a structure. that should be it 🙂
  8. Currently it isn't. I've had a look on how this was done in the invisionboard chat and found it was a bit freaky. The menu on top does not really have a hook or a template. The solution was based on some javascript that would add that number of users bubble on the chat menu entry. My invisionboard customization skills are too limited to to figure out how to achieve this in some reasonable way. So if someone has a hint on some good solution: let me know
  9. Ahh good, then things work like intended Thanks for the feedback!
  10. hmm. So it's not in the English translation? Like there: You should be able to just change the text there without the need to edit anything 🤔
  11. cool out of curiosity: what file did you modify? and why? i hoped all would be possible through the admin panel 🤔
  12. Hello the texts used by the widget should be in the language manager (sources) in the admin panel (Customization -> Languages) just like all other texts, the key is "block_tfRocketChatWhosOnline". The uppercasing is from the stylesheet.
  13. hello! Thanks for visiting ? We currently still use the extension from wohali with rocket.chat. I still can't get the integrated oauth server to work with the chat and I have trouble to diagnose whats wrong. The profile pictures are not imported into the chat, users just re-upload them or use different ones. We also published a widget to show who's online in the chat: So if anyone get can get the integrated oauth to work and can share the settings?
  14. Hello We use Rocket.Chat as chat solution for our community. For now we use the OAuth Server Application to authenticate. That works quite nice. But since there is now a native OAuth API I wonder if it is possible to move over. Currently it does not work. What I have: IPB Side: Client Type: Custom Confidential OAuth Client Available Grant Types: Authorization Code Redirection URIs: https://chat.tolkienforum.de/_oauth/tolkienforumipb (copy paste from what rocket chat told us) Authorization Prompt: New sign ins only Show in Account Settings?: on IPB generated a client-id and a secret-id (used below). I left the scopes tab untouched but added groups. But I don't really understand that part. Rocket.Chat side, added a custom OAuth application: Url: https://www.tolkienforum.de Token Path: /oauth/token Token sent via: Payload Identity Token sent via: Payload Identity Path: /api/core/me Authorize Path: /oauth/authorize Scope: profile email groups (tried to match this with scopes from the forum, but not sure what this is) Id: copy paste client-id from the forum Secret: copy paste secret-id from the forum Login Style: Popup Username field: name Merge Users: true These are the settings. When logging in to the chat server the login popup show up, I can log in but get an error message: since the Client-Id is copy pasted I'm not sure if that error is actually correct. But well: anything is possible Did someone manage this to work? And if so what are your settings? Any hints welcome!
  15. Ahh I see. I tried manually calling the title and description functions in the Widget to have the translations on that stack - no luck. I assumed these where some hashes of the text and would survive. But now the behaviour makes sense. Thanks for the explanation! BTW: adding the cache to the widget did improve the page load times quite a bit
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