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Help with an edit > Most Contributions

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I'm trying to make an edit in Most Contributions block, if you can help me with that I really appreciate it.

I want to add a link in the number, redirecting to an area of user's profile > profile/x-user/content/?type=cms_records_review1&change_section=1




To edit this block, go to: core > front > widgets > mostContributions

<br><span class='ipsType_light'>{{if $area}}{$contributions['counts'][$member->member_id]}{{else}}{$member->member_posts}{{endif}}</span>


If there was a parameter by example {User_Profile_Link}, i could do something like this...

<br><a href="{User_Profile_Link}/content/?type=cms_records_review1&change_section=1"><span class='ipsType_light'>{{if $area}}{$contributions['counts'][$member->member_id]}{{else}}{$member->member_posts}{{endif}}</span></a>


Does anyone know how I can make this edit?

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In a crazy way but I managed to make my idea work 😅 😅

I applied the following code:

<a href="{url="app=core&module=members&controller=profile&do=content&id={$member->member_id}" base="front" seoTemplate="profile_content" seoTitle="$member->members_seo_name"}?type=cms_records_review1&change_section=1">content</a>


If anyone knows another simple way to do this, leave it in the comments below.

Edited by Hisashi
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  • Solution

After some more research, I found the code to generate the user's profile address, which was exactly how I wanted it.



<a href="{$member->url()}content/?type=cms_records_review1&change_section=1">content</a>


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