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post_key column in


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3 hours ago, sound said:

am I right in saying the post_key column in the posts database table is no longer used for anything?

is it ok to empty this column to reduce the size of the table?

You would be very wrong. If I were you, I would leave it be. 

Here you can read about what that column does.


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On 3/25/2021 at 7:42 PM, sound said:

thanks but don't have permission to see the link/topic

it's been empty for a fair few years now yep?

You can read it below.


It's for attachments. Logically the code cannot connect attachments to a post ID when it's first uploaded to a non-published post, since the post isn't published yet (and have no post ID). So they use a generated post_key for the attachment table relation instead. 


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