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Problem Writing Message

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1 minute ago, Nathan Explosion said:

We know that...you already showed the problem you have.

But you saying...

...implies that you have done so something. So, what has changed? What have you done, if anything?

I deleted the emojis on the reputation page. With it I translate some words.


2 minutes ago, Miss_B said:

Did you do any changes to your forum at all before this happened? Can you try to refresh the page btw and see if it will help?

I mentioned above. I refreshed the pages, opened a new membership, but it didn't matter.

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8 hours ago, Daniel F said:

Do you see any errors in the browsers JS console?

Have you tried running the support tools in the ACP?

I solved the problem with the JS console. I saw that the error was not due to translation or emojis. The editor is corrupted and when I installed the old one, the problem was fixed. Thank you for your time and help.

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