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Having all sorts of problems with dev build on subdomain

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Is there anyone else who has their live development build on a sub-domain of their original site, and also their file structure in a folder in their sites root (not their server root.) 

My dev build constantly experiences problems, and I'm wondering if it's this particular folder / sub-domain structure that's causing it...? Like is the software getting confused because some series of backslashes is finding the folders it's looking for at too high a level in the folder tree or something? Should I move it outside of the sites root to the servers root so it's parallel to the main sites folder structure and not inside it?

Here are just some of the issues:
• Theme files can not be saved. Trying to edit a theme's html / css results in "File can not be saved!" error.
• Opening up a theme's html and css for editing reveals ONLY the global template. The rest of the templates that are supposed to be listed in the left hand template selection list are just gone.
• Uploading some plugins fails. Simple plugins like "toggle developer mode in admin cp menu"
• Adding buttons to the toolbar fails.
• I know there are more I can't remember.

(Apologies I think I've posted this in the wrong forum)

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I'm pretty sure I ran the system check multiple times but it was a little while ago.
At this point, however, I tried installing the "toggle Developer Mode from admin cp drop down" plugin, and it totally corrupted my admin cp.
Now, every tab I open from the left panel presents the error that hextorgb plugin is missing. 
Nothing was possible in the admin cp, so I emptied the database, and rebuilt it as a duplicate of the sites current database.
Trying to log into the admin cp now, shows this error:

Screen Shot 2021-02-11 at 7.41.12 PM.png

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Ok, for my dev build I emptied the entire database, and rebuilt it by copying the tables from the main site.
I then moved all the files out of a subfolder in the main sites root folder, and into its own folder in my hosted root directory.
I then redownloaded and uploaded a fresh copy of the entire uploads folder through ftp.
I downloaded the latest version IPS and uploaded that into the new dev root directory, overwriting all files it required.  

This gave me an almost 100% fresh install of my dev site, and it works just fine, except that the same problems mentioned in the op are still persisting:

1 - Editing a theme's html and css will show none of the template or css files in the left panel.*
The only files accessible there are the global html template, and custom.css neither of which can be saved after editing. Trying to save either throws the ambiguous error "This file can not be saved!" 

2 - Adding buttons to the toolbar does not work. You can drag the button to the toolbar and drop it and it will stay in place until you refresh the page, then it will be removed from the toolbar and returned to the unused tray.

I haven't tried uploading plugins yet to see if that works.


These problems intuitively seem to be stemming from the fact that this dev build is on a subdomain. Essentially:  devbuild.mainsite.com
"Failed attempts to save" seems to be the consistent issue here. The designated save locations in "AdminCP > Files > Storage Settings" are all correct.

I do have Cloudflare as a CDN, and its DNS rules are not identical for the main site and the dev build. However creating a custom rule on Cloudflare that essentially disables everything for requests related to the dev-boards subdomain does not solve the problem. Turning Cloudflare off does not solve the problem. Turning the browsers security features and my vpn off does not solve the problem.

This has been persisting for quite a long time now, which is making development a headache. Does anyone have any idea what might be going on here???

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